• thuoc-day-banh-xe-dien-tu-trumeter-5505e
  • thuoc-day-banh-xe-dien-tu-trumeter-5505e
  • thuoc-day-banh-xe-dien-tu-trumeter-5505e

Thước Đẩy Bánh Xe Điện Tử Trumeter 5505E

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Measuremeter® Revolution – Electronic Reading Distance Measuring Wheel

Thước Đẩy Bánh Xe Điện Tử Trumeter 5505E

The digital Measuremeter Revolution from Trumeter, combines advanced and patented technology for the first time to a measuring wheel at costs previously unimaginable. Using the latest electronic design technology, Trumeter have manufactured an electronic distance measuring wheel with more features than ever before. This model can measure in Metres, Yards or Feet and inches at the push of a button.


  • Metric & Imperial measurement
  • Measures up to 9999ft 11inches
  • Measures up to 9999.99m or Yds
  • Large LCD display
  • Crystal clear in direct sunlight
  • Backlight for low light conditions
  • Weather & Moisture Proof
  • Reliable operation to -10 °C
  • Long Life Battery
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Two measuring modes; trip and total
  • Pushbutton reset
  • Electronic brake
  • Telescopic handle
  • Mud scraper
  • Retractable Stand
  • Adds forward subtracts in reverse
  • Accuracy ± 1%
  • Shipping weight 2.2Kgs